Our paid internship scheme runs for 7 weeks every summer, between July and September. We look for bright and hardworking penultimate and final year university students to join our specialist teams - gaining real responsibility, and great exposure to the insurance industry.

In this article, our 2023 summer interns reflect on their time at Miller and share their personal experiences of this opportunity.

Could you describe your role as an intern at Miller?

Ria (HR and Communications intern): “My role involved taking on various projects from across the HR and Communications department. Each day was varied for me. I always had different, exciting projects to work on which allowed me to develop essentially every skill necessary for a HR and Communications career. Some of my projects involved creating videos and icons about Miller’s latest successes, designing a ‘Welcome to Miller’ handbook with the graphic design team, writing articles for inclusion events, modernising Miller’s job advert template, and translating Miller’s entire intranet.”

Tooba (Technology, Data & Innovation intern): “As an IT intern at Miller, my role was to explore various departments within the IT domain, with the opportunity to gain insight from professionals. The internship programme was rotational, so I was able to spend time with a new department each week.”

Why did you choose to apply for Miller’s summer internship scheme?

Archie (Sports and Entertainment intern): “Miller’s reputation within the insurance industry is very strong. The chance to actively engage and support the team from day one was extremely appealing, and I knew that I would learn an awful lot during my seven weeks.”

James (Private Clients intern): “I chose to apply to Miller, in particular, after attending a networking event at Miller’s offices in February 2023. Hearing from employees at Miller about their positive experiences working for the company, and the company’s strong reputation, convinced me that Miller was the perfect company for me to apply for an internship at.”

Ria (HR and Communications intern): “When watching the past interns’ short videos, they highlighted that Miller allowed them to gain real responsibility and first-hand experience in the role they were interested in rather than just shadowing, which I found very attractive as this was exactly what I was looking for in an internship.”

What were some of your highlights from the internship?

Archie (Sports and Entertainment internship): “Supporting the team at the Lloyd’s Women’s Cricket Day was a huge highlight. The meetings with clients and underwriters have all been highlights and I have loved getting to know my brilliant team."

Tooba (Technology, Data & Innovation intern): “One of my highlights from the internship was the insight days where I had the opportunity to be able to learn about Miller as an organisation, gaining knowledge into the intricacies of the insurance industry and networking with fellow interns and students who attended.”

What have you learnt from the internship that will help you progress in your career?

James (Private Clients intern): “I’ve learnt a lot about what the role of an insurance broker entails, and the skills that are required for someone to be successful in this role. I’ve also strengthened my research skills through undertaking a wide range of market research throughout my internship. These research skills will be useful in any career I decide to pursue, whether it’s within the insurance industry or not.”

Ria (HR and Communications intern): “I have gained clarity on my future career choices by completing this internship. I have learnt how varied HR and Communications is and the different responsibilities each department has. Miller’s insight scheme, along with the many learning and development activities available during my internship, gave me great exposure to the insurance industry and allowed me to learn more about the functioning of a specialist (re)insurance broking firm. I’ve learnt that this is an industry I would definitely want to work within in the future.”

What is the culture and ethos like at Miller?

Archie (Sports and Entertainment intern): “Incredibly friendly. Everyone is very eager to offer a helping hand, introduce themselves and genuinely seem interested in your life outside of work. I was very impressed by the effort to project the Women’s World Cup and allow colleagues to watch the England vs Australia semi-final match in the Town Hall. Additionally, the effort of my team to welcome me has made a massive difference.”

Tooba (Technology, Data & Innovation intern): “The inclusive atmosphere made it easy to integrate and feel valued and made me feel more confident. I had the opportunity to meet all kinds of wonderful people who were incredibly welcoming and made sure I had everything I needed and were willing to share their knowledge with me.”

Ria (HR and Communications intern): “I found that the culture at Miller is everything that the company externally presents itself to be. I felt incredibly valued at Miller. Every single person, whether they were on my team or another, was extremely welcoming and always happy to help. I really appreciated how supportive and involved my manager was. Everyone across the HR and Communications team were always happy to make time for me, explain the intricacies of their role, include me in their projects and give me career advice. I also really enjoyed being invited to team drinks and meals - there is a great social aspect at Miller.”



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