Our dedicated Media, Film & TV team specialises in identifying, managing and creating bespoke solutions that mitigate the range of evolving risks facing those operating within the media and entertainment industry.

From contractual requirements and best practices, to intellectual property risks, general risk management and claims support, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the right cover for your needs.

We work directly with clients, as well as international intermediaries to deliver smart, cost-effective cover for clients across the globe.

Who we cover 

  • Advertisers 
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Commercial Producers 
  • Documentary Producers
  • Entertainment Content Producers
  • Film or Stills Producers 
  • Independent Film Production Companies 
  • Television Producers 
  • Broadcasters 

What we cover

  • Advertising Agent’s Indemnity
  • Commercial Producer’s Indemnity
  • AdWrap (Combined Advertising Agent’s Indemnity and Commercial Producer’s Indemnity) 
  • Film/TV Producer’s Indemnity
  • Essential Elements 
  • Film/TV Producer’s Errors & Omissions
  • Employer’s Liability (UK Insureds Only)
  • Public/General Liability
  • Principal Photography Adverse Weather
  • Celebrity Death, Disablement & Disgrace
  • Short Period Production Motor Insurance (For UK Registered Vehicles Only)
  • Owned/Non-Owned Technical & Miscellaneous Production Equipment
  • Personal Accident & Business Travel / Film Union

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