Our business is structured as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), made up of our investor partners and Miller management owners. 

Benefits of our structure

Partnership has been an integral part of Miller since we were founded, both in a legal sense and in terms of ethos. Our approach to partnership allows us to meet the challenges presented by our growth plans and the modern insurance market landscape, delivering a number of benefits:

  • Agility - We have structured ourselves in a way that allows us to react rapidly to the developments that occur in a fast-changing business environment. Keeping chains of command as short as possible and encouraging involvement in planning and decision-making at every level of our business ensures we remain responsive to the needs of our clients.
  • Continuity - We fully intend to remain at the forefront of our industry in the long-term. Accordingly, we have structured our business with a view to facilitating succession plans, ensuring the principles and values that have driven our success to date are passed from one partnership generation to the next with ease.
  • Progression - Our partnership ethos is aligned with our learning, development & progression model, as well as our values, meaning our people benefit from a clear indication of how their hard work will help them progress. Miller prides itself on developing highly skilled and motivated specialists in every area in an environment where we can grow together.

Our senior management 

Miller's senior management is led by the Partnership Board, which is responsible for the overall management of the firm and for determining long-term objectives and commercial strategy. Sitting on the Board are representatives from our investor partner, Miller management as well as independent non-executives.

A Group Executive Committee, through delegation, has the authority and responsibility for developing and delivering our strategy and key policies.


Miller's leadership

Our investor partner

Our investor partner is GIC.  Our agreement with GIC also includes expansion of Miller management ownership in the business. As long-term investors, GIC are committed to Miller’s entrepreneurial culture, one team approach and unrivalled focus on client service. 

GIC is a global institutional investor.  You can find out more about GIC here.