What we do
Active assailant

Active assailant attacks are a real and present threat with new incidents being reported with growing frequency. We are at the forefront of how the insurance market can support businesses and organisations with this risk.

Given their often random nature, organisations cannot predict if and when they might be directly or indirectly affected by an attack. They can, however, take steps to protect their businesses and their people if the worst was to happen. 

Utilising our combined knowledge and experience of these types of developing risks alongside our long-standing relationships and access to the Lloyd’s, London and international markets, we offer a comprehensive and multi-pronged approach to this risk which allows clients to meet their specific risk advisory and risk transfer needs.

Who we help

Working both directly with insureds and through intermediaries, we aim to take the confusion and uncertainty away, providing all elements from a single source. 

“We offer a comprehensive and
multi-pronged approach to this risk which allows clients to meet their specific risk advisory and risk transfer needs”

Covering the broad spectrum of risks

With a range of coverage options to match your needs, we can develop and place bespoke policies to include any of the following: 

  • Legal liability
  • Personal accident benefit for those injured or killed
  • Threat expense
  • Hostage scenario
  • Crisis management and response consultants
  • Property damage
  • Loss of earnings (temporary closure or denial of access, loss of attraction and ingress/egress)

Coverage can be structured in a way that complements other placements, such as terrorism. 

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Intelligence & security consultancy

Dedicated risk advisory and crisis support

Central to our ethos is maximising the value our clients derive from the cover they purchase. In addition to the reassurance of financial protection, we provide clients with access to intelligence, preventative training and security consultancy focused this rapidly evolving risks.

Led by a team of former military, police and intelligence services personnel, Alert:24 can introduce and provide dedicated active assailant support services to both educate and protect an organisation’s workforce, covering the following key areas:

Risk assessment and consultancy

Active Shooter Awareness

  • Remote Assailant Impact Modelling (AIM)
  • Crisis Communication
  • On site full security survey of premises
  • Crisis Management
  • Creation or review of crisis and incident management plans
  • Family Liaison workshop
  • Awareness and training
  • Defusing Conflict and Aggression


Mitigation funding

Though available on a standalone basis, in some cases, policies may include underwriter contributions to use towards the above services.