Our site has been designed with accessibility in mind. This forms part of our wider inclusiveness efforts, both online and offline, and is informed by the guidelines issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to remove barriers to accessibility.

For example, we’ve built the site using HTML and CSS code that is compliant with W3C standards, which ensures the site displays correctly in current and future browsers.

For more information about these guidelines visit Web Access Initiative at the W3C.

Our site’s accessibility features include:

  • Allowing users to enlarge text sizes, which can be useful for those with visual impairments (CTRL + / – for PC and Command + / – for Mac).
  • Use of alternative text to describe the content of a picture, which is useful for text-based browsers and for those with visual impairments using screen readers.
  • Strong visual treatment of interactive elements and increased contrast between background and text for readability purposes.
  • Easy to use contact elements, including clickable phone numbers and email addresses, and fields in forms that can be navigated using the ‘Tab’ key.
  • Supporting the use of keyboard commands and pointing devices, for example ‘Tab’ and ‘Return’ keys can be used to navigate and pages are searchable (CTRL + F for PC and Command + F for Mac).
  • Clickable areas have been maximised, for example primary navigation on mobile devices. Article page ‘teasers’ also have clickable images, headlines and subtext.

If you experience any accessibility-related problems whilst using our site, please report them by emailing info@miller-insurance.com