Professional and financial risks
Cyber risks

Cyber risks

An organisation’s capacity to manage and contain cyber risk has become a commercial imperative. Whether it’s a major outage or a data breach, the potential financial and reputational losses from a cyber event can be devastating.  

Dedicated cyber insurance can form a key part of an organisation’s response to managing cyber risk, but evaluating, mitigating and transferring cyber risk is not a tick box exercise. It requires a trusted and expert advisor to guide you through the process.

The Miller difference

At Miller we boast one of the London market’s most specialist cyber insurance teams, with experience dating back over the last twenty years and over 4,000 policies placed to-date. This knowledge and experience enables us to leverage long-standing market relationships to obtain flexible cover on favourable terms.

"Our access to Lloyd’s enables us to deliver bespoke solutions, arranging coverage and high levels of capacity that cannot easily be placed elsewhere."

We offer a wide range of solutions and services, made to fit client requirements – from off-the-shelf cyber policies for SMEs to complex bespoke solutions for large corporates. Our expert team construct cyber insurance that is tailored to each organisation’s needs and that compliments existing insurance.

Coverage includes:

  • Critical breach response services
  • Third party liability and regulatory costs
  • Business interruption and damage to digital assets
  • Reputational damage
  • Social engineering crime
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Miller's claims expertise

Smart analytics

Through our partnership with risk modelling company Corax, we are able to offer cyber risk analytics that can more accurately quantify the potential for insurable loss and inform conversations around how much limit should be purchased. 

Our approach is based on the most comprehensive view of cyber risk available anywhere in the industry. Leveraging data gathered from a variety of sources including financial reports, legal settlements, regulatory settlements, threat intelligence through dark web monitoring and insurance claims, this modelling framework indicates the potential economic loss from a variety of cyber events.

Cyber risk: A specialist approach


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Our highly experienced cyber team is able to leverage long-standing market
relationships to obtain flexible cover on favourable terms.