At Miller we are recognised for our quality approach to how we conduct business and the way we interact with our stakeholders. All colleagues are educated about the values that we hold as a business as these are what sets us apart from other intermediaries.

Environmental Social and Governance is one of Miller’s areas of strategic priority and is represented at Board level by James Hands, CEO.

Our commitments

  1. Conduct our business with integrity. All colleagues must adhere to our Code of Conduct and Miller values.
  2. Value our people by nurturing an inclusive culture, offering learning & development opportunities and by providing a safe working environment.
  3. Reduce our environmental impact both through our own operations and by using environmentally-responsible suppliers.
  4. Continue to demonstrate ESG progress by putting in place appropriate measures to monitor our performance.
  5. Support our communities by matching fundraising efforts by colleagues, providing bursaries and giving all colleagues time off each year for charitable endeavours.

For a detailed overview of ESG at Miller, please read our ESG Overview