At Miller, we are recognised for our distinctive quality-driven approach to business. Each member of our team exhibits the core values that define us as a business, a factor that sets us apart from other intermediaries. 

Environmental, Social and Governance is one of Miller’s areas of strategic priority and is represented at Board level by James Hands, CEO.

"At Miller, we believe in being part of a sustainable future,  nurturing social responsibility, and maintaining the highest level of corporate governance. Our ESG commitments are not just add-ons - they are integral to how we conduct business and we are dedicated to being a catalyst for positive change" - James Hands, CEO

Our commitments

  1. Conduct our business with integrity. All colleagues must adhere to our Code of Conduct and Miller values.
  2. Value our people by nurturing an inclusive culture, offering learning & development opportunities and by providing a safe working environment.
  3. Reduce our environmental impact both through our own operations and by using environmentally-responsible suppliers.
  4. Continue to demonstrate ESG progress by putting in place appropriate measures to monitor our performance.
  5. Support our communities by matching fundraising efforts by colleagues, providing bursaries and giving all colleagues time off each year for charitable endeavours.

You can find out more about our Environmental, Societal and Governance initiatives, below:


For a detailed overview of ESG at Miller, please read our ESG Overview


Miller is committed to being a socially responsible (re)insurance broker, which delivers positive impacts for our employees, clients and the communities in which we operate. We have an award winning office space, focus on recycling, and commitment to measuring our progress. Our Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology team also enable Miller to further develop renewable energy and environmental technology solutions for the benefit of existing and future global clients.


At Miller, we recognise how diversity brings benefits to our people, our clients and our business. To foster greater diversity, we need an inclusive, open and supportive working environment where everyone is valued, respected and able to meet their full potential.

Back in 2015, Miller signed up to the Inclusion@Lloyd’s charter, a public commitment to promote diversity and inclusion within the Lloyd’s market. The following year, we formed our Inclusion@Miller Committee, whose purpose is to formulate and execute our inclusion and diversity strategy, drive our identified core priorities and ensure an ongoing focus on fostering greater diversity and inclusion within Miller.

In 2019, we also launched our three Inclusion Alliances – Culture, Pride and Gender Equality. Sitting at the centre of Inclusion@Miller’s work, our Alliances are formed of volunteers from across our business who wish to drive momentum for future progress.


We recognise good corporate governance as a vital component to our lasting success. Our governance practices are well-established and mean that we can make effective decisions, protect our clients and plan for the long term.