Miller’s new ‘Applause Wall’ was described by judges as ‘a visually engaging digital solution'.

Miller’s success is down to one thing: our people. That’s why in late-2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic led to most of our colleagues working from home, Miller’s Communications team began developing a new employee recognition tool designed to make it easy for colleagues to recognise one another for a job well done. This new tool was rolled-out on our award-winning intranet in 2021: The Applause Wall.

Excitingly, Miller’s Applause Wall has recently won three awards. These are:

Feedback from the award judges:

"The Applause Wall used innovation to connect employees during the pandemic with a visually engaging digital solution."

"In a time (the pandemic) when employees were starving for human connection and recognition, this was an awesome campaign. Just love it."

This is a great achievement for Miller’s Communications team, and another example of how we put our people first.

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