With Dive In Festival 2021 fast approaching, taking place between 21-23 September, representatives from Miller’s Inclusion Alliances share their thoughts on why the festival is so important.

Dive In is a global movement in the insurance sector promoting the business case for diversity and inclusion, aiming to facilitate change towards more inclusive working cultures.

With events in 34 countries, and over 500 speakers offering their insight and experience in D&I, make sure to book your place now.

Miller is proud to be supporting the ‘Bridging the gaps in Sisterhood: exploring intersectionality in allyship’ event taking place on 21 September, 5.30 – 6.30pm (BST).

Join this event to learn how to engage with and raise awareness of other women’s struggles and be open to learning from their experiences. Hear real life personal stories from speakers as they discuss the challenges they have faced in their professional journeys, including how to balance family, work and their communities.

Achieving a sense of sisterhood is sought after by women across the globe, however this strong sense of friendship and support is difficult to make a reality when the issues faced by women are not universal.

By appreciating the personal and individual challenges women face across the globe, women can work to join forces against institutionalised gender discrimination.

Remember, registration is now open. To book your tickets and to sign up to any events (and more) follow this link.

Miller’s Inclusion Alliances

Our Inclusion Alliances form a crucial part of Miller’s culture. Working in conjunction with our Inclusion@Miller Committee they help colleagues better understand diversity and inclusion, provide communities and seek to remove barriers those in underrepresented groups face in the industry. Hear why our Miller Alliances representatives think Dive In Festival, and the theme of active and empowered allyship, is so important:


Tim Press, Chairman of Miller’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee: "People need support and so the work of an Ally is really important. Listening and learning and then going the extra mile, providing support, assistance, advice & information, advocating and calling out or challenging bad behaviour is all really important and helps build a better culture."

Georgina Robinson, Chair of Miller’s Gender Alliance: "This year’s Dive In theme of ‘Active Allyship’ signifies the vital next steps of turning knowledge and understanding of D&I matters into tangible support for colleagues in underrepresented groups. Crucially, anyone can become an active ally. Dive In 2021 provides people working in the insurance industry with the opportunity to hear speakers discuss real-life struggles regarding diversity and inclusion, and I’d encourage everyone to consider attending an event."

Inyang Udosen, Chair of Miller’s Culture Alliance: "Dive In is an important festival for our business as it represents an opportunity for us to hear from a plethora of voices, previously unheard, on the future of the insurance market and how it can be shaped into a more inclusive, diverse and ultimately more successful industry. With an aging workforce (1/3 over 50) it is vital Lloyd’s, and insurance more generally, is seen as an attractive destination for young and diverse candidates.  This festival represents the diversity of thought and openness that will be invaluable to the next generation of practitioners, looking for a working environment that reflects their social, ethical and professional values."

Vanessa Horne, Chair of Miller’s Pride Alliance: "Allies play a fundamental role in driving positive cultural change and supporting progress within diversity and inclusion. Allies offer huge support to LGBT+ colleagues by calling out behaviour or comments that even unintentionally can cause harm. They add new voices to old battles, bring strength in numbers and acknowledge the difficulties LGBT+ individuals still face.

With over 100 events taking place, and most lasting no longer than an hour, Dive In really is a great opportunity to learn new things, hear different perspectives and find out how you can help to create a working environment you’re proud to be part of, and an industry where we can all thrive and reach our full potential."

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