Miller's Culture Alliance and iCAN (the Insurance Cultural Awareness Network) recently produced a collaborative podcast on the theme of "Cultural Resilience".

In this podcast, Miller’s Mary Bowie (member of Miller's Culture Alliance, the Insurance Institute of London’s Inclusion & Diversity Committee and the Insurance Families Network) and Maxine Goddard (Commercial Operations Business Partner at Zurich Insurance and External Relationships Director of iCAN) explore the topic of cultural resilience.

Addressing the inevitable changes we’ve all experienced since lockdown, Mary and Maxine discuss how we can take what we’ve learnt and bring about further change in our approach to inclusion and diversity going forward.

Here’s a taster of the conversation…

"This has been an exciting, sharp and steep period of change. Across cultures and even religions we have all adapted incredibly well. Each day brings challenges, difficult news, the weight of uncertainty and questions about the future. The economic impact of cancelled events, performances, religious festivals, and cultural events has already taken a toll across our various communities and working life. The loss of our ability to gather together and share space with one another has been an unprecedented blow.

But we have also been reminded of how our traditional practices are so deeply rooted in the home, in the intimate connections between family members and our resourcefulness in using technology to continue those meaningful interactions. We are reminded that our cultural practices, cultural traditions and expressions have survived generations of change and upheaval.

So this time is no different. Empathy, sensitivity, and resilience remain at the core."

Listen to the full podcast episode here >>

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