Following on from his recent ranking as one of the ‘rising stars’ in the London D&O insurance market, we caught up with Harry Braysher to learn more about the key drivers behind how he approaches his role, the ways in which he supports clients and his reaction to this acknowledgement from his market peers.

Congratulations on being ranked number four on the Insurance Insider’s ‘Rising stars’ list for brokers operating in the London D&O insurance market! What were your first thoughts when you saw the ranking? 

Harry: It was certainly a nice surprise to be ranked as a rising star and to be recognised by the people that voted for the work that I do. However, Miller being ranked as the number one broker for D&O was the thing that I was most proud of as it highlights the whole team and the work that we put in daily to produce the best work and outcomes for our clients. 

What’s the key driver behind how you approach your work? 

Harry: Coming up with the best outcomes for our clients is my main driver. Being in a hard market has certainly thrown some challenges my way, but trying to overcome those challenges and provide the best result for our clients is so rewarding and shows the hard work that we put in to provide the best levels of service.

What are some of the ways you support clients?

Harry: Providing the best terms is the most obvious way that we support our clients, but going above and beyond is what we try to achieve in our team. With the impact of COVID and ever changing market conditions, it has been especially vital in recent times for us to keep our clients informed on what is going on in the market, and holding regular catch-ups has been key to that. This is particularly the case as we have not had the opportunity to travel and visit our clients, which is certainly something we look forward to doing again once the world goes back to some sort of normality!

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What led you into your current career field?

Harry: Becoming a broker in the City was always something I was interested in doing whilst I was at school, however my first job after sixth form lead me to becoming an Underwriting Assistant at a leading (re)insurer. After a short time there, an opportunity at Miller came up. I applied and have not looked back since. 

How has Miller supported you during your time with us?

Harry: Miller has been incredibly supportive throughout the two years I’ve been here. I’ve been able to and still am constantly learning and developing my skills and knowledge, and I’m constantly being pushed and challenged in order to get the best out of my ability. 

I’m currently working towards achieving my CII qualifications and Miller has helped me through this process by providing any support where it is needed.

Thanks for sharing Harry – and well done again on being ranked number four on the Insurance Insider’s ‘Rising stars’ list for brokers operating in the London D&O insurance market!

Harry: Thanks!

You can download a comprehensive snapshot of the Insurance Insider’s 2020 London D&O insurance market rankings, here.

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