• 01 March 2022

2022 is Miller’s 120th anniversary. To help mark the occasion, read as Head of HR, Susan Downey shares more on what this milestone means to us, and how Miller is preparing for the workplace of the future.

120 years is an important milestone in the history of Miller Insurance. Since 1902, our specialists have been providing clients from around the world with insurance and risk management solutions designed to give them the peace of mind to thrive. That client-centric approach to what we do hasn’t changed, and will remain as we continue with our aim of being the leading independent specialist (re)insurance broker.

However, this milestone also provides an important opportunity to look towards the future, and how Miller is developing a way of working to empower colleagues to deliver exceptional results for the long-term, through our new ‘Work Your Way’ model.

Developed in 2021, ‘Work Your Way’ (WYW) is designed to balance the need to provide the best service to our clients, whilst also creating a way of working that energises employees and will keep Miller competitive to new talent. WYW is focused on empowering our people to create the most effective working approach for their distinct requirements. The approach centres on what we call ‘team charters’ – documents created by teams, for teams, outlining how they will work as a unit to ensure the right balance is struck between meeting client needs and working in a way that energises them to achieve the best results. Teams decide together how many days they will be in the office and when, ensuring regular meetups do happen to maintain and foster all important camaraderie. This new hybrid approach will be complemented by technological advancements, making collaboration easier between colleagues, wherever they are working from. 

We’re particularly excited about the model as it was formulated with the help of colleague feedback, and we’re confident this has helped us create a particularly progressive working model within the London market.

"We’re confident we have created a particularly progressive working model within the London market."

Fundamentally, the pandemic has provided an opportunity to reassess our approach to working life and to create solutions that work well for our businesses whilst providing more flexibility to our people. We’re confident that WYW will be a big part of what makes Miller a great place to work for the long-term, and that it is our clients who will really reap the benefits.

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