With Dive In 2020, the festival for diversity and inclusion in insurance, now just weeks away, we caught up with Georgina Robinson, a member of Miller’s Gender Alliance.

Hi Georgina! Thanks for taking a moment to chat to us about Miller’s Gender Alliance. To get things started, please could you tell us what the main goal of your alliance is?

Georgina: The main goal of the Gender Alliance is to develop and retain women at Miller, with a focus on redressing the gender imbalance at top levels. We look to provide education and support to Senior Management to help them achieve gender parity in their respective teams.

The alliance also offers a supportive environment where non-inclusive behaviours and attitudes can be challenged, and is open to everyone in Miller wishing to champion the issues at the heart of our alliance.

Lastly, we aim to demonstrate that Miller is an advocate for change, both internally and externally and seek to promote a culture of merit based advancement.

A fantastic goal - what have you done so far to help meet this?

Georgina: Well, since forming in 2019, we have achieved some great advancements to assist with meeting the goal of better gender representation across all levels.

Firstly, we have become a member of the 30% club – a group with a mission to achieve at least 30% representation of all women on all boards and c-suites globally. By becoming a member, we have demonstrated that there is a commitment at Miller to increase the number of women at senior levels.

We also worked alongside HR to conduct a review of our processes to ensure that we have a diverse pool of talent to recruit from, and ensuring that we are openly promoting flexible working hours or job sharing in our job adverts.

The alliance also works hard to stay informed of industry and wider working environment initiatives and ideas to achieve gender balance in the workplace. For example, we have become a corporate member of Cityparents, which is an inclusive network for City professionals who have a shared interest in balancing home life with a progressive career.

It’s great to see the alliance working to achieve change! How about plans for the next 12 months?

Georgina: We are finalising an educational pack to be distributed to Senior Managers with research, statistics, tools and ideas to assist them in bringing about the necessary changes to implement gender parity across their teams. 

We are aware that the recent increase in homeworking also presents an opportunity for there to be a shift in acceptance and understanding of flexible working. However, with physical distance between colleagues, we will be looking to ensure that our business practices and processes continue to support the advancement of all employees equally.

We will also continue to promote inclusion and diversity alongside Miller’s Cultural Alliance and Pride Alliance. Through working together, we are able to ensure that Miller is a truly diverse and inclusive organisation. To this end, the alliances support each other in the events and discussions we host around important topics.


Dive In 2020 virtual event: Harnessing the power of flexible working to support the families of today

It’s great to be able to help colleagues understand how they can play their part in ensuring gender parity. Changing course slightly - what do you see as the added value of increased diversity and inclusion?

Georgina: The added value of diversity and inclusion is endless.

For a start, research shows that diverse and inclusive companies are more profitable than those that are not, partly because output is more productive when you have teams that bring together a variety of thoughts and ideas. Increased diversity and inclusion also provides the strongest chance for innovation. 

Secondly, increased diversity and inclusion will ultimately attract and retain the best employees. We know that when choosing an employer, diversity and inclusion is now as important to colleagues as pay and title.

Finally, it is the right thing to do. We should have a workforce that reflects the world around us and a working environment where you can be sure that your chance for a successful career is only based on one thing: your performance.

It’s clear that this topic means a lot to you - is there anyone who particularly inspires you as a champion of diversity and inclusion?

Georgina: Inga Beale, who I saw speak at a Women in Insurance event last year, was incredibly inspiring. Having achieved the top job at Lloyds, Inga showed it is possible for women in industry to be recognised for their role as leaders, and she is continuing to fight for this.

An excellent choice. Thanks for your time Georgina, and good luck for the year ahead!

Georgina: Thanks!

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