National Inclusion Week is designed to celebrate everyday inclusion in all its forms. This year, the theme is Time to Act: The Power of Now, and more organisations than ever before are expected to celebrate the week.

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At Miller, we recognise how diversity brings benefits to our people, our clients and our business. We want Miller to be a place where people feel confident to be themselves and for our employees and partners to be representative of the diversity of London, our clients and the international markets in which we operate.

That’s why we’re celebrating National Inclusion Week this year. The week’s theme of ‘Time to Act: The Power of Now’, encourages all of us to take steps to build a more inclusive culture. Inclusive Employers, who organise the week, have put together a set of daily actions to help people who want to get involved:

Monday 26 September: The Power of Identity – Share who you are

Everyone can show solidarity and support for those around us, particularly those from marginalised groups, by sharing aspects of our own identity. 

Take the time to share something about your identity with a colleague, to help them understand more about who you are.

Tuesday 26 September: The Power of Connection – Reach out

The impact of Covid-19 has led to more working from home, more flexible working, more virtual communication and less face-to-face time.

Take a moment to reach out and connect with a colleague.

Wednesday 28 September: The Power of Recognition: Empower your colleagues

Today is about recognising your colleagues. From small everyday acts of kindness that may have previously not been acknowledged to bigger actions like those in formal roles such as Inclusion Champions, or staff networks.

Identify and highlight those people around you that are contributing to creating inclusive cultures in your workplace.

Thursday 29 September: The Power of a Diverse Network - Expand your circle

As people, we operate within many different networks. These networks influence our perspectives, beliefs and ideas. Usually, we form our networks around shared experience, where we work, where we live, shared interests, etc. As a result, our networks are often made up of people 'most like us.'

Connect with someone from a different role or background to yourself.

Friday 30 September: The Power of Knowledge – Take ownership of your learning

In the past there has been reliance on those with lived experience to do the educating, the awareness raising, the calling to action. Now is the time for everyone to act, to understand the role they have to play in creating more inclusive cultures, both in the workplace and outside.

Empower yourself and end the week on a high by listening to one of the latest podcast sessions on a wide range of topics by Inclusive Employers, here.

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