Enjoy wearing your favourite jewellery, with complete peace of mind

Your jewellery may be some of the most valuable items you own, and is particularly at risk of loss or theft, especially when taken outside your home. While less valuable items might be covered under a standard household policy, larger collections and highly valuable items benefit from specialist cover. This ensures that you have insurance that will respond, at the best possible price.

We can advise on proper storage, both at home and while travelling. We can also arrange insurance with a floating limit; this allows you to only items away from the home and base your premiums on that rather than covering your whole collection on a worldwide basis.

“A floating limit offers flexibility to wear different pieces on different occasions without needing to inform your insurer each time.”

Benefits of jewellery insurance with Miller

  • Pairs and Sets can be replaced together, so you don’t have to worry about getting exact replicas made if one item in a set is lost or damaged
  • Smaller items can be combined into an unspecified sum insured
  • Insurance can include cover for loss in value if you have to repair an item, and doing so reduces its value

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