Whether you have one high-value watch or a whole collection, get specialist cover that protects you whatever happens.

Whether you have a watch collection, different watches for different occasions, or just one really special watch you wear all the time; it’s important to make sure they’re properly covered by your insurance. 

Typical household insurance often isn’t suitable for covering high-value watches that may regularly be worn out of the house, but we can arrange specialist watch insurance that ensures all your watches are fully covered, no matter how many you have or how often you wear them. 

“A lot of people treat themselves to a really great watch the first time they find they have a bit of extra disposable income, but they might not be used to needing specialist insurance for something so valuable.”

Coverage details

  • Watches can be covered worldwide, in a safe, or in a bank or safety deposit box. This gives you flexibility to wear watches while travelling on holiday, or to keep them secure for extra safety and lower premiums
  • We arrange to cover watches on an agreed value basis, to ensure transparent cover and claims settlement
  • Watches can be included in a floating limit along with jewellery, making it easier for you to wear the items you want to, without having to insure your whole collection to be out of a safe at the same time

Benefits of watch coverage with Miller

  • Lower-value watches can be combined into an unspecified sum insured, while especially high-value items can be individually specified
  • Insurance can include cover for loss in value if you have to repair your watch, and doing so reduces its value

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