In today’s competitive lending and complex regulatory environment, banks and financial institutions need a broker they can trust. Miller is a market leader in structuring and syndicating non-payment and political risks insurance to manage counterparty credit risk and regulatory capital across all business lines.

We combine specialist knowledge with international presence, scale and market influence to provide competitive and robust solutions for our global client base. Our specialists are also actively involved in educating the loan market on the use of insurance products.

Managing credit risk and unlocking capital

We help our clients to manage credit risk and unlock capital across all business lines, including: 

  • Trade finance documentary credit instruments
  • Loans, including:

- corporate finance (term loans and RCFs)

- structured commodity finance

- trade finance loans

- export finance

- project finance and asset finance

- asset-backed finance

- leverage and acquisition finance

- real estate finance

  •  Derivatives / counterparty credit risk

Non-payment insurance (comprehensive)

Non-payment insurance protects banks from the failure, refusal and/or inability of their counterparties to repay a debt on its scheduled due date.

Commercial benefits include limit and capital management and increased lending capability via a silent and cost-effective risk distribution product.

Our knowledge of the capital regulation environment allows us to work alongside legal counsel to structure appropriate policy documentation that adheres to relevant regulation and accounting standards. 


Political risks (lenders form) insurance

We can provide bespoke political risk insurance for specific transactions. Perils include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation and deprivation
  • Currency inconvertibility / non-transfer
  • Political violence and war
  • Sanctions
"Our specialists are also actively involved in educating the loan market on the use of insurance products for banks."

International presence

We recognise that banks use insurance internationally. With dedicated credit and political risk specialists located in our Europe, Singapore and London offices, and a strong collaborative culture, we are well-positioned to provide a consistent transactional approach and a high standard of service across all territories.

Market knowledge

We have a deep understanding of risk appetite and insurer capability with comprehensive access to international insurance markets, underpinning efficient marketing practice with an emphasis on certainty of execution.

Leveraging long-standing market relationships, we secure coverage that not only provides robust protection, but helps to drive savings and efficiencies. 

Our specialists are also actively involved in educating the loan market on the use of insurance products for banks.

Service excellence

We are committed to providing clients with the highest quality of service across all we do. Particular areas we focus on include:

  • swift response times
  • comprehensive coverage of the international insurance market
  • obtaining best possible terms
  • thorough and clear communications in regard to all insurance negotiations
  • demonstrable track record in successful claims payment.

Market-leading claims service

We never overlook the importance of a prompt and helpful claims service and the peace of mind this can offer. As a result we have built one of the strongest claims teams in the industry.