Whether trading in developed or emerging markets, today’s unstable economic and political environment makes having the right insurance in place ever more vital. Miller has been structuring and placing tailored non-payment, pre/post-shipment and political risk insurance for international exporters for almost three decades. 

As an alternative to the insurance available from state-owned ECAs or multilateral insurance schemes, we can place 'non-cancellable' cover for short, medium and long tenor credit terms on a single risk basis into the London and international markets.

Working collaboratively across our offices in London, Paris, Geneva and Singapore, our multi-lingual team of specialists have the experience and market relationships to secure insurance for export contracts with both state-owned and private counterparties to cover individual exposures of up to USD1bn. Such coverage can be used as collateral to secure financing from banks on a ‘with recourse’ or ‘non-recourse’ basis.

Non-payment insurance (comprehensive)

Arising out of commercial or political reasons, we arrange cover against the following:

  • non-payment of invoices due to a buyer’s insolvency or default
  • non-honouring of guarantees of payment or letters of credit issued by governments, banks or corporate institutions
  • currency inconvertibility / non-transfer.

Pre-shipment insurance

Protecting an exporter’s pre-shipment completion costs, we arrange coverage against the following:

  • breach of contract
  • embargoes, war, political violence and government intervention 
  • unfair calling of advance payment, performance and warranty bonds. 

Political risks insurance

We also place coverage to protect overseas fixed or mobile equipment in the event of political violence or government action/inaction resulting in the confiscation or destruction of, or the inability to re-export such assets.

"We can place “non-cancellable” cover for short, medium and long tenor credit terms on a single risk basis into the London and international markets."

Who our clients are

Working both directly with and via intermediaries, we have particular expertise and experience with exporters based in Europe and Asia, and with global operations in the following fields:

  • natural resources
  • oil and gas
  • infrastructure
  • power
  • defence equipment.


Service excellence

We are committed to providing clients with the highest quality of service across all we do. Particular areas we focus on include:

  • swift response times
  • comprehensive coverage of the international insurance market
  • obtaining best possible terms
  • thorough and clear communications in regard to all insurance negotiations
  • demonstrable track record in successful claims payment.


Market-leading claims service

We never overlook the importance of a prompt and helpful claims service and the peace of mind this can offer. As a result we have built one of the strongest claims teams in the industry.