Holiday home insurance that lets you really relax

We understand what clients need when they’re looking for holiday home insurance. Policy wordings in English, a provider who understands how their holiday home is used, and insurance that reflects the real repair or rebuild cost of a home based on an understanding of the local market for tradespeople and materials. 

The private client team at Miller are experts in insuring holiday homes in the UK and across the EU, whether they’re used only by you and your family, or run as a business. We can also look to arrange insurance policies that cover all your homes, including your main residence, under a single policy with a single renewal date so they’re as simple as possible to manage. 

“We’ve seen some local insurance policies that are an inch thick. Our clients really value having policies that are not only in English, but clear and straightforward.”

Coverage details

  • We can arrange coverage for buildings only, contents only, or both. 
  • Policies are written in English, and kept as brief and straightforward as possible.
  • We can arrange cover for homes anywhere in the UK and across most of the EU. 

Benefits of holiday home insurance with Miller

  • We can arrange cover that includes Lost of Rent if your home is commercially let.
  • We work with specialist insurers who understand holiday properties and the ways they are occupied, which may be a mix of your own use, friends and family, paying guests, and periods of being unoccupied. 
  • We can also look to arrange to have your Holiday Homes insured under the same policy as your main residence, so you only have one policy and one renewal date to worry about.

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