• 04 February 2021

The Brexit transition period finished at the end of December 2020. Our aim was to put an adaptable solution in place which allowed us to continue to offer our clients the same market-leading offering and high standard of service that they expect from us.

Our Belgian company, Miller Europe SPRL (Miller Europe), is registered as an insurance and reinsurance intermediary in Belgium. Miller Europe exercised its passporting rights from Belgium into all other EEA member states and established branches in the UK and France. Miller Europe is also a Lloyd’s accredited broker.  

We are pleased to report that Miller’s Brexit strategy has been successfully executed with all EEA business now formally contributed to Miller Europe, meaning that Miller Europe will now be handling all EEA new and renewal business. Miller issued a Know Your Client (KYC) pack to those relevant parties which provided all necessary details relating to Miller Europe in the event that business was transferred to Miller Europe for servicing. Most importantly, this business will continue to be serviced by the same Miller team who have dealt with that business prior to Brexit and there will be no impact on our ability to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Should you have any questions or concerns about Brexit and wish to discuss them further, please email brexit@miller-insurance.com or talk to your usual contact at Miller.