Our often misunderstood and therefore maligned industry has found itself propelled to the fore in recent weeks.

The invisible and indiscriminate nature of this stealthy new and unknown enemy has made it chilling. Yet at the same time it is somehow distant and surreal. It is the health workers that are the true frontline in this war to preserve human life. Other key workers continue and they are keeping our lives as close to normal as possible. Insurance also continues to help keep the world moving.

Containment actions of government have escalated to previously unimaginable levels. Yet it is only going to be with the benefit of hindsight that we will really begin to understand what we have been grappling with. The social and economic impact likewise as yet remains an unknown. 

It therefore seems inevitable that a public/private arrangement will ultimately come in to effect to fund future scenarios. This arrangement can work and TRIA is an example of how that symbiotic relationship can nurture a positive outcome.

Innovation is a much used phrase but often not associated with our industry beyond the gradual adoption of better technology. In this adverse environment, Miller, working with determined markets, has developed a series of unique new products and specific insights over the past few weeks and months.

Top tips from our teams

Communication and awareness are vital. We have been providing regular updates and top tips on how to do business. Read my recent LinkedIn Blog.

Standalone Epidemic Insurance - focus on certainty and cash flow

Predicted to cost the world’s economy at least USD2trn, demand for standalone epidemic insurance is understandably growing. We are working hard on the ‘next’ epidemic insurance policy offering right now. We are in collaboration with specialist risk capital providers to find ways to meet the future needs of sectors that have been hardest hit and for whom cash flow is key (Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing). Our team has looked at some of the challenges and also solutions in a recent article below.

red door business interruption

Surge in demand for epidemic insurance following Covid19

Voyage insurance for ship-owners and charterers

The continuously evolving Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is understandably a growing concern for the global shipping industry. Since the outbreak, Miller has been working tirelessly with many underwriters to help provide an innovative insurance solution for the current crisis.


Miller secures Covid-19 responding voyage insurance for shipowners and charterers


As businesses around the world accommodate new working conditions as a result of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, cyber criminals are capitalising on the opportunity to exploit businesses during a time when they are distracted and most vulnerable. Our Cyber claims specialist Chris Riordan reminds you of the steps you can take to help keep your business safe.

Cyber security

Cyber - COVID-19 phishing email warning


From the multi-billion LNG development to the small building refurbishment, almost every construction project is being affected by Covid-19 related restriction.

The recent fall in oil prices, however, could potentially cause far longer delays for energy related construction. Miller’s construction specialists explore how companies can protect their projects during such cessation of works.  

onshore construction

Covid-19 and falling oil prices - protecting construction projects during cessation of works

Covid-19 London Market Update

Twice a year we provide granular commentary on multiple lines of business. The most recent was in January. This update is focused on those instances where Covid-19 is creating changes on that commentary. 

tower bridge

Your Essential Covid-19 London Market Update

Business continuity plan

Finally, our key priorities are the health and well-being of our people and clients and providing continuity of service. Miller’s response and business continuity plan for the ongoing COVID-19  situation can be read here.