Miller’s claims team came into its own following the catastrophic scale of devastation left in the wake of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and Nate in 2017. Our streamlined systems and first-rate market relationships enabled us to deliver vital information to underwriters and obtain claim funds for our clients quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

Our challenge

2017 saw hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria tear across the southern United States and Caribbean, each landing in the top 10 costliest US hurricanes on record. Over 10,000 losses were reported across the spectrum once the hurricanes struck. Those affected included, homeowners, commercial businesses, agricultural warehouses, yacht clubs, power plants, generation facilities and refineries.

Our response

By using the predictive capability of our proprietary FARS online mapping system, our claims specialists were able to accurately pinpoint areas of impact across North America days in advance, identifying exposures and likely losses. Some 2,000 policies were identified within Harvey’s wind path, for example, with more than USD300m of insured values at risk.

Armed with reliable pre-event information, Miller's  claim team were then able to put underwriters on notice, and provide coverholders and their claims third party administrators (TPA’s) with the data they needed to deploy loss adjusters when and where they were needed most.

At the same time, Miller’s claims team assisted underwriters, coverholders, and TPA’s with quantifying the scale of property damage and likely initial loss estimates in order to work with underwriters to obtain claims funding, enabling coverholders and TPA’s to promptly settle losses from day one.

The response from our markets was extremely positive. Over USD50m of loss funding was secured, and enhanced claims handling authorities were put in place to help coverholders and third party administrators provide a fast and efficient settlement service to our US and Caribbean insureds.