When a cast member was fatally injured during a live show that formed part of a multi-show event, a chain of events was triggered causing serious consequences for the insured.

Our challenge

During the performance in Florida, one of the show’s main stars fell from stage resulting in a tragic fatality. Health and safety authorities insisted the site be shut down immediately pending their investigation. They subsequently alleged the incident was caused by negligence on the production company’s part.

Aside from the grief caused to family, friends and fans, this resulted in the remaining 28 shows to be cancelled, triggering costs for the insured to the tune of USD3m. The enormity of the logistical challenge was also significant, bringing forward the movement of 85 trailers of infrastructure and equipment, and the need to mobilise the local workforce hired to dismantle the site well ahead of the original schedule.

Our solution

Miller assessed the event organiser’s detailed appraisal of events and convinced underwriters that there is always an element of risk attached to these events and, crucially, that the production company wasn’t woefully negligent.

As a result, the claim for the fixed expense was settled within weeks, allowing the event to quickly reconvene in a new location. The settlement also enabled the production company to reimburse ticketholders for those customers and recover other loss of income.

The entertainment industry is huge and multi-show events like this employ thousands of people from many different countries, generating annual revenues in the hundreds of millions. Miller’s experience and London market influence ensures that in our clients' time of need, we help get the show back on the road.