Being able to balance both work and study was the key reason I knew that an apprenticeship was right for me. Before finding Miller’s Apprenticeship Scheme, I had been considering apprenticeship positions for a couple of years but hadn’t found one that felt tailored enough to the opportunity, exposure, and development that I was looking for. I found the Miller scheme through my apprenticeship provider, and it jumped out straight away.

Prior to joining Miller, I worked in a part-time sales position. I really enjoyed IT and technical work, and liked being in a customer-facing role. After applying for the position, I undertook some online assessments and an interview and was presented with an offer to join Miller. Throughout the process I enjoyed meeting my future colleagues, learning about Miller and the insurance industry, and understanding how my skill-set would be valued and developed by Miller.

As an IT Apprentice, being able to simultaneously work with directly with my client base (Miller colleagues), to study for a professional qualification, and to develop my career is great! I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to anyone considering their options after sixth form – it’s a great way kickstart your career and to gain qualifications simultaneously. My team have offered me endless support in my role, and our Learning and Development team have been great in proactively making available a range of tools to support me too.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time here at Miller as an Apprentice. I am learning and developing every day.

I love that in my role I have autonomy with the tasks I take on. Miller’s culture is one where you can quickly establish and grow trust, and my team are great in providing me with new tasks, projects and opportunities to grow. There are quite a few IT projects every year, and recently I led a laptop rollout project for all of our employees. It was exciting and a new learning curve for everyone as a new configuration has been implemented. 

Also relating to culture at Miller, I really like our hybrid working model. I have the choice of working from home or working in the office to suit the work I need to complete. I definitely also like the change of scenery and to be able to work at least a couple times a week in the office! Over the last couple of months, when I did go to the office I felt very comfortable being there – Miller understood the importance of a strict cleaning procedure and keeping colleagues safe throughout the pandemic.

Apprenticeships can be competitive to secure, but don’t let that stop you from applying! You will love being able to see the impact of your study on your work, and will get amazing opportunities to add value to Miller!