Claims are an important part of our service to you.

Statistics show that it is likely that a law firm will need to contact the insurer about an actual or potential claim during the policy period even if the firm thinks that any claim cannot be justified.

The promise of efficient claims handling is one of the drivers for buying a policy from a particular insurer, and an understanding at the outset as to how the process would work is essential. We would discuss with you the likely information requirements of the insurers for notifications, as well as the policy provisions for claims handling and co-operation and how in principle you would like any claim to be handled - preservation of client relationships and speed of response from the insurers and back to the client being the priorities.

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10 top tips for notifying a claim

Insurers would often (with your input) appoint external solicitors to investigate a claim - their views would be shared with you, and we would work with you, the solicitors and your insurers to develop a strategy to defend or settle the claim - your interests in minimisation of reputational risk and any other business factors are paramount. We would provide you with our independent views on the claim and advice as to steps to be taken to prevent similar issues arising in the future. Our aim is to work for you and in partnership with the insurers to resolve the claim. Some claims are straight forward others may require a wait and see approach. There is no 'one size fit all' and our market knowledge and claims expertise enables us to make a recommendation as to the way forward. Our client service philosophy and approach to claims is that we would always stay involved throughout the resolution process.

In the event of a difference with the insurer about policy coverage, we would proactively press your case with the insurers, and use our market reputation to try to procure an effective solution.

Your firm's record as to claims which have been paid or are expected to be paid in the future would affect the renewal premium. Our involvement in the claims process means we can put forward your best case to minimise any proposed increase by emphasising the steps taken to prevent any repetition of a particular type of claim.

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