Our dedicated UK construction team works hand-in-hand with employers to design and place owner controlled insurance programmes (OCIPs) that both protect and enhance your project.

Insurance isn’t always at the top of a company’s to-do list when embarking on a construction project. We understand that, however failing to protect your investments, assets and yourself against possible legal action can be expensive.

The traditional approach is for the contractor to insure the project - after all, the contractor carries the risk! However, more and more project owners are adopting an alternative approach that can offer valuable risk advantages, especially in relation to contractor insolvency. 

Owner controlled insurance programmes (OCIPs) have rapidly become the preferred option for building projects. A policy arranged and held by the project owner, an OCIP provides coverage certainty and continuity, cost transparency and savings, and reduces complexity. 

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Owner Controlled Insurance Programmes

What is included within an OCIP?

  • Construction all risks (CAR)
  • Delay in start-up (DSU)
  • Third party liability (TPL)
  • Non-negligent liability 

Ancillary coverages

Whilst not forming part of an OCIP, the following additional coverages are available for companies wishing to implement a more comprehensive insurance strategy for their project.

  • Latent defects insurance (LDI)
  • Contractual liability
  • Weather delays 
  • Construction pollution liability (CPL)
  • Legal indemnities 
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Construction insurance glossary

Our service proposition

Industry experts

Our specialists are leaders in their fields. With extensive expertise across all aspects of UK construction risk having operated within the industry as clients and in the London insurance market as brokers and underwriters, we understand your business inside out. This allows us to propose risk solutions to both protect and enhance your projects.


Teamwork is in our DNA. We work in partnership with our clients to identify and understand your problems, and together as a team to deliver solutions. We always act in your best interests, without exception. 

Client-first service

We place our clients at the front and centre of everything we do and believe in building long-term partnerships. Our service model, based on this ethos, is what differentiates us from our peers. 

Our construction team handles all core aspects of client service, including day-to-day enquiries, market broking, account handling and claims advocacy. Every team member knows your account in full and we all share the same commitment to your business. 


We refuse to earn market derived income from our clients’ transactions and we exist solely on fully transparent fees and commissions. When we provide quotations or place business on your behalf, you can be confident that the insurers have been selected on merit alone, and not for any additional financial gain.

Proactive claims advocacy

We never overlook the importance of a prompt and helpful claims service and the peace of mind this can offer. As a result, we have built one of the strongest claims teams in the industry, where our construction claims specialists work alongside our placing brokers and technical teams for maximum efficiency.