Our interview series continues with Miller’s Head of Claims for Asia, Edward Soh, who explains his role, how the claims process sits at the heart of how we help our clients and current trends in the marketplace.

Tell us a little about yourself

Now in Singapore, I was previously based in Malaysia and have worked in the (re)insurance industry for over 20 years. Beginning my career in loss adjusting, I then moved over to broking where I specialised in heavy industrial, power generation/distribution and property risks.

What is your role at Miller?

Core to my role is supporting our clients with independent pre and post loss analysis and review. Central components of this includes providing various stakeholders with policy interpretation and guidance in the event of a loss, ensuring claims are handled smoothly and professionally.

Whilst managing claims through to settlement is a significant portion of my role, I also work closely as part of our integrated team to design insurance solutions that are fit for purpose and meet our clients ever changing needs.

Can you articulate the value Miller brings to our clients in Asia?

The fact that Miller continues to operate as an independent broking firm is key. We provide analytical risk profiling and assessment to support our clients insurance buying requirements. Through which we are able to help them understand their ability to retain risk (deductibles) and what should be transferred, with the ultimate aim of maximising capital efficiency (in risk management).

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Miller’s Claims expertise

Are we seeing any trends in Asia regarding claims? Are these the same for the London and Asian markets?

Asia is certainly a changing marketplace. Expectations of insurers are increasing and so are clients’ understanding of risk and insurance. Coupled with increased regulatory requirements, we are seeing an upward trend in losses, some of which may not have been passed on as a claim in the past. Typically, Asia and specifically Southeast Asia, has not been a litigious place. However, we are seeing an increase in claims being passed through the courts.

We are seeing an increase in claims within the construction and operational energy space, typically due to poor maintenance programmes and ageing equipment. Whilst insurers stress that a robust operations and maintenance programme should be in effect, due to companies’ loss of revenue, shortcuts are being taken that are ultimately lead to losses. A more strategic approach to risk management is needed in these circumstances, which takes account of the total cost of risk. 

What do you see as the main strengths and value of the Asia and London markets with regards to claims service?

Whilst it is imperative that an insured’s loss is settled in an appropriate time and to their expectations, it is important that they also understand how the claims process is managed from start to finish. In both the London and Asian markets, claims managers and risk engineers provide expert advice on how an insurer’s policy would respond in the event of a loss. 

To find out more about how we can add value with claims management strategies, please contact Edward.