A large-scale theft at a major port in Asia left a Miller client with warehouse operations facing numerous claims for loss of third party property.

Our challenge

To make matters worse, the client’s property cover – placed locally, with Miller’s policy sitting above it – was unexpectedly cancelled by the local insurer once the claim was reported. Loss of third party property claims were stacking up, with costs running in the millions of US dollars.
Miller was asked by the client whether our policy would ‘drop down’ and pick up all costs being incurred by the insured. 

Our solution

Miller’s claims team had several conversations with underwriters, and, to the client’s delight, secured their agreement to pay the unexpected costs in full, net of excess. The successful settlement was made even more challenging given that our markets had no reserve in place to cover the costs at the point we began discussions with them.
This is a good example of the Miller claims team’s single-minded and proactive approach to client representation, and how good relationships help solve problems when they occur.