As their recent summer internships drew to a close, Miller interns took some time to reflect on their time at the firm, and what they have learned and achieved. In this roundtable discussion, hear from the interns as they share their personal experiences of working at Miller across our Solicitor's PI team, Renewables team, Marketing & Communications and Sales & Business Development, and what opportunities were available to them to grow their careers.

Hi everyone! First of all, could you describe your role as an intern at Miller? 

Murron: I worked in the Marketing and Communications team, reporting to the Marketing Manager. My main projects involved assisting in Miller's PII renewal campaign, researching and presenting on ESG strategies, helping to create a Singapore Facultative Reinsurance bulletin and co-ordinating the internal promotion of Dive In Festival. 

Louis: I worked within Delegated Authority and Political Risks, working closely with Scott Thorne. My role in general was to assist the account handlers during the busy renewal period for Solicitor’s PI cover. My specific tasks involved sending risks to insurers and setting up client payments where necessary.

Emily: I worked in the Commercial Strategy team, as a Business and Sales Development intern. My manager was Jamie Young, but I also worked closely with John Eltham and Jon Warwick.

Jade: My role as a Renewable Energy Business Development intern was to aid newly appointed Head of Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology Rhys Newland to establish a Renewable Energy team and marketing strategy. During my time at Miller, I carried out extensive research of Miller’s competitors, presented my analysis of renewable offshore wind to the Head of Energy and collaborated with other interns on an ESG project and presented this to senior staff.

What has been your favourite part of your internship? 

Louis: I’d have to say it was direct communication with underwriters, which added a greater sense of responsibility to the work. This required good communication skills and learning how to use the PPL system.

Jade: Working with the other interns on an ESG presentation. I enjoyed this as not only do I love to work in a team and build stronger relationships, but also the topic of ESG is becoming more prominent to the corporate world and is imperative to business growth. Participating in this internship required using my research/teamwork skills, whilst improving my public speaking ability alongside my peers.

Barkin: My favourite part of the internship was working with account handlers on proposal forms and front sheets, as it gave me an insight into working under pressure. A lot of deadlines had to be met within a short amount of time, which greatly improved my time management and efficiency skills.

"The culture at Miller is amazing. No-one looked down on me as an intern and I have been treated as one of the team since day one."

What have you learnt from the internship? 
Louis: The internship has provided me with direct exposure to the insurance industry, allowing me to gain some insight regarding how the market functions and particularly how the renewal process flows. I hope the internship will provide me with a basis to begin my career in insurance, with the goal of becoming an account handler/broker in the near future.

Emily: Before joining Miller, I had a very limited understanding of the insurance industry, especially Lloyd's and the London Market. I’ve found it invaluable to be immersed in the world of insurance and learn what it really involves, and how it operates. I have also learnt the importance of self-motivation - working from home was a novelty at first, but I now no longer envy those who have been doing so since the beginning of the pandemic!

How has the internship helped you to progress with the next steps in your career?

Murron: The internship has helped me to gain more commercial awareness and learn more about the risks different companies face in the multitude of sectors which Miller specialises in. Seeing first-hand the dynamic sector of financial services was extremely insightful for me, witnessing the fast pace at which insurers respond to worldwide events, and market new offerings quickly and efficiently.  

Emily: This internship has allowed me to experience a business environment up-close-and-personal, something which I think is invaluable in the pursuit of a career. My manager set-up different introductions for me with people from various areas at Miller, and I was able to gain an insight into the skills required for their roles, and what the day-to-day can look like in other areas of insurance. This experience has allowed me to analyse my own skills and determine what kind of role I would like to begin my career in after graduating next year.

What is the culture and ethos like at Miller? 

Jade: Over the course of the seven weeks, I have truly felt part of the close-knit team at Miller, despite being mostly online. Everyone was willing to volunteer their time to help me learn more about the industry and answer questions so I could get the most out of this experience. However, upon the handful of occasions I made it to the office, the company culture and ethos was clear – everyone is part a family that works whole-heartedly to provide the best service to their clients.   

Barkin: The culture at Miller is amazing. No one looked down on me as an intern and I have been treated as one of the team since day one. It feels less corporate and makes me feel part of a team that is all working towards a similar goal. The main reason for this is the people that make up Miller. I can have a casual chat with anyone and always have a good time at work.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an applicant to Miller’s internships?

Murron: Be confident! Everyone is wanting to help you get the most out of your time at Miller, so take advantage of the different opportunities. Whether that’s shadowing a client meeting, networking with brokers in other sectors or taking on new projects, your team will be happy to accommodate! 

Jade: Get stuck in and ask questions! Get to know your team as they will be your family for the seven weeks!

Emily: Introduce yourself to as many people as possible and learn from their experience, and ask your manager to invite you to as many meetings as possible. Even if they do not relate to the role that you are working in, there is no better way to understand the industry than to be completely immersed in it. Most of all though, have fun, and enjoy your weeks at Miller - they fly by!

Group of young colleagues collaborating on a project

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