Take your first steps with a leading firm.

Miller's Apprenticeship scheme is designed to empower you with a permanent role from day one, with a great support network between Miller, the apprenticeship provider and your team. 

Miller apprentices are able to study towards an industry recognised qualification whilst also learning a new role in the insurance industry, with dedicated time to focus on your studies and structured learning alongside on-the-job familiarisation of role.

You can join one of our market-leading, specialist insurance roles, and make a difference for our global catalogue of clients from day one. Alternatively, we also have apprentices join Miller in a variety of teams from IT to Marketing, whilst still obtaining a thorough understanding of the Insurance market through CII studies.

Career statements 

Miller works with apprentices to understand your career aspirations and where you see yourself after you have finished your apprenticeship - find the latest openings by clicking below.