Truly unique cars need truly specialist coverage

When you’re insuring a classic car, you need insurers who really understand you and your vehicle. Insurers who recognise that it might be appreciating in value, not depreciating. That you might have put hours of your own time into improving it. And that you might only be driving it on special occasions.

Miller understands classic car owners, and we work with insurers who understand you too. That means we find insurance that reflects the value of the car, how and when you drive it, and how you would want to have it repaired if you ever made a claim.

“If you’re taking your car on a road trip with a friend, it’s great if they can share the driving
without you having to make special arrangements for insurance.”

Coverage details

  • Cars are insured on an agreed value basis, reflecting that unusual and rare cars may be difficult to value at the point of a claim.
  • Choice of repairer, so you can make sure that if work is needed, it’s carried out by the people who know your car best.
  • Policies can include diminution in value so that you are covered if your vehicle has lost value following a claim, despite any repairs or restoration.

Benefits of classic car insurance with Miller

  • Our insurers understand that classic cars usually see lower mileage and are kept in garages, allowing for lower insurance premiums.
  • Policies include EU cover so it’s easy to take your classic car to the continent for a holiday or road trip. 
  • Get your classic and vintage car insurance under a single policy with the rest of your fleet.
  • Policies can include the option to retain salvage in the event of a write-off.
  • No requirement to install a tracker on higher value vehicles.

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