Miller is a market-leading sport and entertainment insurance broker, headquartered in London. Our dedicated team help organisations and some of the world's biggest sports stars make informed choices when it comes to managing their risks.

Our team specialises in providing personal accident (PA) insurance for individual sports professionals, in particular top-flight professional footballers.

The importance of personal accident insurance

Whilst the risk of injury may be unavoidable, its financial impact can be avoided given proper planning and protection. We work with some of the world’s biggest sporting stars, tailoring personal accident cover to their individual requirements to give them long term financial protection.

A footballer’s contract dictates how long their club is obliged to pay their salary after they sustain a serious or career ending injury. This timeframe is governed by a country’s legislation, which varies from one country to another. For example, if an English player sustains a career ending injury whist on club duty, their club can end their contract (and stop paying their salary) after 12 months notice. 

Purchasing a PA policy can therefore safeguard a player’s financial future should the unthinkable happen.

10% introducer commission

SJP partners who introduce clients who subsequently purchase a personal accident policy through Miller are entitled to an introductory commission. This is calculated at 10% of the policy premium, excluding any local insurance taxes.

Football Players’ Personal Accident Insurance

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Our experienced and influential team are at the forefront of personal accident protection for top-flight sports professionals.