With growing expectations on today’s C-Suite to provide greater certainty around their company’s income statement and cash flow forecasting, many organisations are turning to innovative risk transfer products to manage financial volatility and protect market cap.

These include non-damage business interruption, parametric protection and reputational risk insurance.

Non-damage business interruption (NDBI)

We structure bespoke NDBI covers that respond to business interruption losses previously considered uninsurable. Our clients are insured for lost revenues and increased costs from non-damage events with a wide range of triggers.

Given the broad scope, we will consider a wide range of industries, however we target the following:

  • Hotels and attractions
  • Transportation including airlines, rail operators and ferry companies, etc. 
  • Regulated companies at risk of operational shut down, e.g. food production and pharma
  • Supply chain reliant companies, e.g. manufacturers and exporters
“Our collaborative approach in understanding your business risks and our longstanding relationships with key markets makes the potentially complex simple, quantifiable and insurable.”

Parametric protection

We tailor parametric insurance covers using simple, independently verifiable triggers and settlement structures. For our clients this adds certainty and efficiency, with claims settled swiftly. 

Weather-based parametric covers are the most common. With an estimated 3 in 4 companies frequently impacted financially by adverse weather, parametric cover has a wide range of applications:

  • Renewable energy producers – lack of wind, sun and rain impacting power generation
  • Energy suppliers – warm winters reduces demand for gas
  • Construction firms – rain fall at construction site causing delays
  • Logistics companies – poor weather impacting delivery fulfilment
  • Hotels and leisure – adverse weather impacting footfall
  • Governments – economic impact from drought/flood 

Reputational risk insurance

With the growth of 24 hour news services and the public’s seemingly insatiable appetite for headlines, combined with today’s hyper-connected world dominated by mobile devices and social media, the threat of damage to a company’s most valuable intangible asset – its reputation – has never been more tangible.

Miller arranged cover provides quick liquidity following a reputational event. Volatility in the income statement can be reduced, as lost profits and crisis management costs are covered. 

We will consider a wide range of clients in the Business to Consumer sector, however our target industries are:

  • Food & Beverage, restaurant and fast-food chains 
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Tourism, hotels and airlines 
  • Retail including fashion, luxury goods, cosmetics and toys 
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Miller’s claims expertise

Actuarial and analytics

Our actuarial and analytics team have in depth experience in modelling bespoke insurance structures based on the unique financial characteristics of our clients. In doing so we can influence underwriter assumptions to achieve a lower price.