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  • Between USD7.7bn to USD23bn of financial losses occur due to recalls each year
  • We have access to USD500m of dedicated London Market Capacity
  • Risk mitigation consultancy and crisis support included within the product - saving the cost of employing a PR agency
  • Jamie Webb has 20 years’ experience in this field, working previously as a Lloyd's Product Recall/Contamination Underwriter and Coverholder broker with a focus on bespoke recall placement solutions.
  • Extensive range of cover including emerging risks such as the sharing economy
  • Wide variety of industries catered for, from heavy manufacturing & industrial to pharmaceuticals & telecoms
  • We work with 30 financially secure markets at Lloyd's, Companies or International, including Bermuda
  • Our leading casualty specialists have the knowledge, relationships and experience to deal with the most complex of issues.
  • Cover designed to respond irrespective of motivation; terror, non-terror, hostage and workplace violence incidents
  • No physical damage required to respond the policy
  • Cover for property damage, liability, business interruption losses and can be extended to cover threat
  • Includes crisis management, PR and counselling costs, which a general liability policy would not.
  • Capacity over USD500m in London 
  • Seamless cover for goods anywhere in the world, anywhere in the supply chain, whilst in transit or as inventory. Meaning no gaps in coverage that can occur between separate transit and property policies
  • Lower and monetary deductibles available including for catastrophe perils than those typically found in the domestic property market
  • One of the largest teams in the market with 13 dedicated specialists, responsible for USD60m worth of premiums into the London Market.

rates, capacity & appetite 

  • Rates are -5% to +5% depending on individual risk performance.
  • Breadth of policy cover meets more of our client’s exposures than ever.
  • The market covers multiple industries including (but not limited to); food and beverage, automotive components, pharmaceuticals, packaging, aviation warranty, supermarkets, restaurants/foodborne illness and consumer products.
  • Pembroke and Axis have exited the market for this class, but there have also been two new entrants in Fidelis (Perigon Product Recall) and HDI.
  • Total market capacity is relatively stable at around USD400m/USD500m in total in London.
  • There is a marked shift towards Quota Share deals utilising the subscription market for which Lloyd’s is renowned. 
  • Rates have continued to increase over the past quarter as markets tighten their underwriting guidelines and appetites by around +5% to +10%. 
  • We expect to see some plateauing in rates over the next six months as markets re-load their capacities and have higher budget targets. 
  • We also expect to see more significant rate rises in domestic markets than London as they have not hardened as much to date.
  • Underwriters still have a broad appetite for risks – there is an increase in appetite for frame construction subject to stringent warranties. Small risks are more challenging to place competitively due to underwriters further increasing their minimum premium requirements for their participation combined with reductions in actual shares accepted.
  • There is still plenty of capacity in London for well-presented risks. Capacity in Lloyd’s has remained stable over the past quarter. 
  • Pricing remains flat on a renewal basis and continues to be refined to match the exposed risk and the territory, rather than blanket state-wide rates. This leads to more appropriate premium levels.
  • Our Active Assailant facility is growing in terms of sophistication and relevance, ensuring that tailored wordings match the specific needs of the clients.
  • Average limits being purchased depend on industry sector: Manufacturing - 25m, Casino - 20m, Entertainment - 15m, Healthcare - 12.5m, Offices - 10m, Hotels - 7.5m, Education - 6m, Retail - 2m.
  • The level of rate rises continued to increase throughout 2019, starting at around 5%-10% at the beginning of last year and moving northwards of 25% depending on individual risk profile. We expect underwriters to continue to push rates up throughout 2020, with renewals in the first half of 2020 expected to receive higher increases than the second half as underwriters look to balance out the rate correction applied during 2019.
  • Underwriters continue to impose strict minimum premiums, with gross premium for their respective shares increasing to around USD20,000 which is pushing up minimum premium requirements. However, lineslip facilities and the recent launch of the Ascot/Beazley cargo consortium (A2B) provide a solution for smaller premium accounts. 
  • We expect capacity for 2020 to remain constant as we are now through the restructuring of appetite and have a clearer picture of underwriter’s core interests moving forward. There is still over USD500m of capacity available and the London Company E&S market. 
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In 1880, the first US policy was placed into Lloyd’s of London. Fast forward to today and the London Market is the largest (re)insurance subscription market globally, containing 350 re/insurance businesses, 91 syndicates, and 200 Brokers active in the London market.

  • 52,000 re/insurance and risk management professionals
  • Subscription market - more than one carrier can take a share of the same risk, meaning clients can find insurance for risks that are too large or complex for one insurer alone
  • Particularly advantageous when it comes to unusual risks as we can discuss with a number of subject matter experts across many niches to provide tailored solutions
  • Deep reserves of capital and experience built up over centuries help clients and insureds to get back on their feet when the worst happens
  • Global reputation for delivering on its claims promise - paying over USD100m every week
  • The Lloyd's Market alone writes 25% of all US excess and surplus lines business - providing cover when local market cannot or will not accept a risk
  • ...London makes it happen!

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