In the increasingly unstable and uncertain world we now do business in, it is vital to provide effective duty of care for your employees. We can help you to better understand and mitigate your risks, facilitating your current and future operations.

Alert:24 provides you with risk advisory and crisis support services. Our multi-lingual team of former military, police and intelligence service personnel assist you to work and thrive within challenging environments and crisis situations. 

We ensure that we adopt a best practice approach in advising you on how to mitigate the risks you face, allowing you to harness the benefits of your operations. 

Risk advisory 

As part of an integrated approach to people risks, we create programmes that mitigate the risks you are insuring against which in turn insurers may contribute towards.

We provide intelligence, training and advisory services in support of your security and crisis management exposures. These are either delivered remotely, through our dedicated client portal or alongside you wherever you are in the world.

We have a long-standing track record in supporting our clients in the following areas:

  • Analytics
  • Governance
  • Audit
  • Training
“Our proactive, client-centric approach to your risks gives you the support you need to better understand and mitigate the risks you face”

Crisis support 

One of the most important considerations when choosing a people risks insurance programme is the availability of support in the event of an incident. We work both with you and as your advocate throughout the entire incident timeline, coordinating resource and supporting you every step of the way. All clients receive access to:

  • 24/7 crisis support centre providing support in the event of an incident
  • advice and support outside of a policy response, including contingency planning, governmental updates and reassurance through direct contact with our specialists
  • long-term support on incidents with ‘long-tail’ impacts.