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Cricket Insurance

We specialise in helping you look for tailored solutions to your needs, ensuring you protect your financial exposures. 

No injury is ever well-timed for an athlete. With increasing opportunities for cricketers to test themselves in franchise cricket, comes the pressure to perform on the very biggest stage. An injury or illness can have a significant impact on the short and long-term earning potential of a player.

Our portfolio of cricketers that we have placed cover for over the years, have amassed 100,000 runs and nearly 3500 wickets during their T20 careers.* 

who we cover

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National Cricket Boards

We develop solutions to meet he challenges and risks faced by governing bodies.

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T20 Franchises

We can develop tailored insurance solutions that support a franchise's long terms objectives. 

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County / State teams

We can develop tailored insurance solutions to meet the teams' specific needs. 

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Individual cricketers and coaches

We advise these individuals, developing specialist, responsive cover. 

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Event managers

We understand the difficulties and risks faced by event managers and the importance of tailored cover.

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Broadcasters / Sponsors / Pundits

We understand the challenges and risks faced by all stakeholders of an event.


Event cancellation

Cricket is one of the globe’s most weather dependant sports. High risk of cancellation and abandonment, as well as rescheduling conflicts due to the intense annual calendar, brings potential risks to a client’s forecasted revenues (including ticket and merchandise sales) and committed costs. Miller’s tailored cancellation insurance provides a wide range of coverages specific to the client’s risk profile, in order to limit these exposures.

Stadia and offices

Working with domestic boards and teams to ensure that their stadia, training facilities and other property has sufficient and relevant insurance coverage, relating to floodlights, merchandise and specialist equipment operated by the ground-staff to keep the square and practice wickets in superb condition. Working closely with our Construction division also allows us to guide you through the risks of any major developments to the ground. This also helps ensure that current revenues/profits from match days, are clearly defined in the event of a business interruption claim.

General liabilities

Ensuring appropriate cover is in place to adequately factor in seasonal staff employed directly, whilst using our knowledge of multiple sporting and entertainment venues, to help support on risk management and appropriate public liability coverage for members of the public visiting the ground, for matches or third party events such as concerts.

Travel risks

Domestic teams’ travel arrangements differ throughout a season, from private coach hire to utilisation of club cars. Pre-season tours also expose entire squads, coaching staff and senior leadership to the same travel risk which requires some consideration. The packed touring schedule for domestic boards also requires careful logistical and risk management.

Personal accident (PA)

Whilst the risk of injury may be unavoidable for cricketers, its financial impact on both the player and their employer(s) can be avoided given proper planning and protection. A franchise/cricket board can be exposed to a number of on-and-off-field financial implications from losing a star player, whilst the cricketer can miss out on subsequent contracts if they are fulfilling multiple contracts in a season.

Management liabilities

Working closely with domestic boards and franchises to consider the personal and organisation liability of directors’ and officers’ actions within an organisation. This becomes crucial given the challenging schedules that teams go through, the political and financial fall-out of Covid-19 pandemic and the variety of stakeholders and increased investment within franchise tournaments.

Cyber risks

With personal information held on players, many of whom operate in the public eye, there is a need to consider financial protection for human error, or a malicious act leading to a loss of data. With the rise of live streaming matches, the ability to eliminate the contractual waiting period on a cyber-incident to allow games to go ahead uninterrupted, is also increasingly important to consider. Further risk management can also be considered around player conduct on social media and direct reputational/financial impact on their employer, an increasing risk where players may operate on multiple employment contracts.



Market leading team

Miller is one of the largest, most experienced and influential sports & entertainment brokers, we place cover for over 650 professional athletes.

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Specialist expertise

With direct experience of professional sports across the team, we are specialists who understand the financial risks of sports injuries.

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Global access

Operating a global network of insurance brokers and insurers allows us to build solutions to get cover in place in the most efficient, relevant and compliant way possible for all of our clients, wherever in the world they are based or are playing.

*Cricinfo 30 Oct 2020


James Hands

James Hands

Joint Head of Special Risks
James’s leadership of Miller’s Special Risks business division comprises accident & health, credit & political risks, private clients, terrorism & political violence and cargo & supply chain business, working with a wide variety of clients on a global basis. 
Alex Mendis

Alex Mendis

Sports & Entertainment

Alex works closely with professional sports clubs, governing bodies, associations and other high-profile sports and entertainment organisations, advising them on the identification and management of the risks they face.

David Griffiths

David Griffiths

Sports & Entertainment
David is a senior member of Miller’s Sport and Entertainment team, specialising in the account management of high-profile associations, rights holders and clubs.
tom hodgson

Tom Hodgson

Sports & Entertainment
Tom is an account handler and broker focused on contingency and sports personal accident insurance.