• 25 November 2021

Winter is officially here, and Christmas lights are starting to go up. With that, we crack on with another Notebook…

Always Here for Athletes

On to other sad news in the world of sport, and the cricketing world was rocked this week as allegations by former Yorkshire all round Azeem Rafiq came to light, implicating current and former players, administrators, media members and fans across the country. 

While we won’t get into the nuance of the situation, Miller wants to reiterate that it is a loyal and supporting friend for anyone in cricket - or elsewhere - that is dealing with any form of discrimination. 

We’ve spoken at length in the past about the importance of player welfare in cricket, and we remain committed to supporting athletes, clubs, leagues and boards across the sporting landscape as they endeavour to make their sports more inclusive, supportive and welcoming for everyone.

Verstappen, Hamilton, and the increase in digital eyeballs

In lighter news this week, what a Formula One race we witnessed in Brazil most recently. Dutchman Max Verstappen and Brit Lewis Hamilton locked horns once more, in what is fast becoming one of the sport's most enduring and intriguing rivalries. 

In the latest installment of their increasingly storied battle, Hamilton passed title rival Max Verstappen after an intense to and fro to take one of his greatest victories and win the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

Hamilton took the lead with 12 laps to go after fighting up from 10th place on the grid and cut Verstappen's advantage in the championship to 14 points.

His move on Verstappen came 11 laps after the Dutchman forced him off track when Hamilton made another attempt.

But after the dust settled on the track, the drama off it didn’t. Mercedes have asked for a review of the decision not to penalise Red Bull's Max Verstappen for forcing Lewis Hamilton wide.

The incident on lap 48 of the race was "noted" by the stewards but no investigation was carried out and Mercedes have now lodged a "right of review" after new evidence emerged, believed to be on-board camera footage which officials did not have during the race but emerged on Tuesday.

The results of the investigation remain to be seen, but it’s a fascinating insight into how the rise of technology can have wide ranging implications in the world of sport. 

The footage was flagged by a social media user, and the result of the investigation - and the considerable earning potential of both athletes and teams - could rest upon it. As fans become more digitally native, there are more critical eyeballs on sport than ever before, with this comes new challenges. 

Marcus, Emma and the celebration of success

And to close, what a sight it’s been seeing Marcus Smith make his long-awaited explosion on to the world stage with England Rugby. We’ve talked at length in the past about the risks involved as young athletes take sudden leaps in exposure, and used Emma Raducanu as an example. 

England Rugby coach Eddie Jones drew similar comparisons this week, but while his analysis of their instant success could be read as disparaging of both, Miller is here to reassure any young athlete - or agent supporting one - that it’s here to guide them on their new, exciting and prosperous journey.