Whatever you collect, make sure it’s protected by people who understand its value

If you have a private collection, no matter what it’s of, it’s important to ensure that it is explicitly covered on your household insurance. Doing so means that your premiums will be a fair reflection of the fact that collections remain in the home most of the time, and also ensures that you have cover to the necessary value to replace or repair items from your collection.

At Miller, we are experts in finding and arranging cover for all types of Collections, and can advise you on the sort of key details that make a difference should you ever need to claim. For example, we can arrange for cover that includes the option to retain salvage, so that you are able to keep items that have sentimental value, even if your insurance has replaced them.

“Issues with defective title are rare these days, but it does happen, and it’s important to be covered should you discover that the seller of a valuable item did not in fact have title to it, as otherwise you risk losing both the item and your money.”

Coverage Details

  • Worldwide coverage.
  • We arrange to cover private collections on an agreed value basis, so you can be confident in the cover even on items that may be hard to value once they are lost or damaged.

Benefit of private collection cover with Miller

  • We can look to arrange cover for items while in transit.
  • Policies include death of artist cover, increasing the cover by a percentage following the death of an artist or creator, to reflect that this usually increases the value of their work.
  • Policies cover defective title, enabling you to claim if you purchase an item to which the seller does not have title.
  • We can look to arrange policies that include the option to retain salvage.

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