• 12 July 2018

The tragic events continue and consequently an increasing number of organisations are now progressing to the insurance purchase stage.

Duty of care and decision making

Having already explored their options for specific active assailant coverage and pricing, they are better positioned to assess their requirements and to act accordingly. Duty of care being an increasingly important element of their decision-making process. With premium levels in mind they can budget and then buy protection.

Underwriting options

Concurrently, London market capacity continues to increase, as does the flexibility of terms being offered. At Miller we have been working closely with underwriters and we are moving towards providing a modular approach. This will allow clients to select the breadth of coverage that best suits their needs and their budget.

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Miller's Kidnap, extortion & security risks expertise


Examples of new bind instructions include a number of healthcare entities, museums, galleries and movie theater chains.

Additionally, we are beginning to see increased limits upon renewal. In a recent example a large leisure account moved from a USD10m limit to USD50m, and we were able to improve their like for like premium terms. This level of available capacity is a tipping point for others now coming to market.

Beyond broking

As a reminder, our services in this sector extend beyond insurance and include risk mapping using a low cost and non-intrusive approach that makes exposure much more tangible for clients. In addition, we have a long established prevention training and crisis consultancy.