Miller has continued to expand its ‘marine property’ capabilities despite some perceived challenges. 

As soon as the term ‘marine’ is entered into the description of any exposure, the available markets can become limited and the placement a challenge. Contrary to that situation, Miller has continued to expand its ‘marine property’ capabilities. We utilise the London market’s competitiveness to help North American intermediaries place business at better rates and terms than those available domestically. 

Miller has won three new accounts in the last six weeks, with London outperforming the US market every time. Catastrophe exposed property is particularly competitive.

We can place:

  • Complex and Unusual Marine Property, with recent placements including Seawalls, Terminal operations including Tank farms and Marinas.
  • Primary, Excess and Full Value placements with large limits of capacity available.
  • Distressed business, including risks with a poor loss record and heavy catastrophe exposure. 

Our specialist appetite and experience lies in commercial marine operations for:

  • Ports 
  • Terminals
  • Marine infrastructure (Seawalls, Docks, Wharves)
  • Marinas
  • Packages including liability.


Jake will be in Seattle, California and Houston from 28th October. Contact Jake directly to set up a meeting.