Reverse flow programs indemnify US and Canadian companies’ European exposures and operations. Matthew Nagle and Peter Martin from Miller’s Corporate Retail team highlight five reasons why North American intermediaries should consider using a UK broker to place these accounts.

  1. Not having UK representation can be a barrier to compete for and retain business. Miller has the expertise to fill this void and promote your interests to your clients.
  2. To liaise with local stakeholders to strengthen relationships and ensure visibility. Your UK broker should essentially be an extension of your team.
  3. It is important to demonstrate an understanding of statutory local insurances and the wider regulatory frameworks. This is where a professional broker’s breadth of experience and industry expertise comes into its own. Miller’s team are ‘on the ground’ and remain up to date with current regulations.
  4. London market expertise – which helps our partner brokers understand the London market and make informed decisions on their European exposures. 
  5. Helping you navigate post-Brexit. Miller will continue to have the capability to transact business with Europe post-Brexit via our Brussels office, which fulfils the necessary European regulatory requirements to ensure service delivery is uninterrupted.

To illustrate how working with a broker like Miller could help, see our case study below.

European reverse flow placement for established US footwear retailer

The challenge:

A major US footwear retailer required coverage for their UK and European exposures. The US market imposed several exclusions that were key to a comprehensive programme, and the premium indication locally was substantially higher than the insured’s budget. 

How Miller helped:

Working with our US broker partner to fully understand the risk, we identified the restrictions of the domestic quote and were able to access the London Market for a solution. We utilised our relationships with carriers that had the flexibility to provide cover on a blanket basis. 


The key coverage exclusions were removed and we achieved considerable premium savings for the client. This is a great example of working with our US broker partner to achieve the optimum financial result and most extensive coverage available.

To find out more about reverse flow and all of the coverage details, download our product sheet.

European Account Reverse Flow product sheet


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