Miller recently placed the Professional Liability (PL) and General Liability (GL) for a care home group in California.

A specialist US wholesale broker held the long-term care account which was non-renewing due to an extensive loss record, leaving the insured without a policy in place close to renewal. The wholesaler reached out to Miller for a new solution in the London Market. 

After detailed discussions, our team suggested new buffer and retention layers, as we believed underwriters would be more willing to write the risk under these conditions. We initially approached markets used on other healthcare accounts, but several declined following a lack of capacity due to market conditions and the proximity to year-end. 

Our tight-knit relationship with underwriters allowed us to learn about new entrants who had an interest in entering the healthcare space. Working with these markets, we secured more cover than originally planned, using our strong position with underwriters through our other books of business.

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