Kidnap and ransom

Flexible and adaptable coverage

Miller and Special Contingency Risks (SCR) offer a wide portfolio of services to help organisations identify, mitigate and where appropriate; transfer their people and security risks.

We work with clients to create innovative and bespoke solutions using the most appropriate insurers and emergency response providers.

Handled correctly, a kidnap and ransom (K&R) policy can play a critical role in security risk management. Miller and SCR take a specialised approach to both land-based and maritime K&R insurance, the scope of which includes extortions (including cyber extortion), political detention, hijack as well as political evacuation.

The policy indemnifies clients against the following as standard:

  • Ransom payments
  • Loss of ransom in transit
  • Fees and expenses of crisis response consultants
  • Legal liability
  • Personal accident
  • Additional expenses (examples include; legal fees, medical costs, victim salaries, interpreter fees, rest and rehabilitation)

Policy extensions include:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Business interruption (cyber extortion)
  • Assault including active shooter/assailant
  • Hostage crisis
  • Express kidnap
  • Emergency political repatriation and relocation
  • Threat response
  • Product recall and destruction costs
  • Disappearance investigation and expense

For marine organisations, a specialist combined programme is available which focusses on their specific needs and typically includes:

  • Loss of Hire and/or voyage frustration
  • War
  • Cargo's proportion for general average
  • Charterer's legal liability for ransom payments


As part of an integrated approach to people risks, we combine market-leading insurance expertise with SCR’s in-house security risk and crisis management practice, Alert:24.

Led by a team of former military, police and intelligence services personnel, Alert:24 provide intelligence, analysis, risk mitigation services and a 24-hour operations centre to assist clients in the event of a crisis.

Alert:24 consists of three mutually supporting pillars:


  • Bespoke intelligence consultancy services
  • Regular and incident specific bulletins and briefings
  • Intuitive web based intelligence


  • Simulated incident exercises
  • Crisis management planning and training
  • Site Security and Asset Protection


  • Global Operations Centre
  • Pro-active monitoring of ‘hot-spots’
  • 24/7 practical assistance, advocacy and crisis support
  • Crisis Coordination


Insureds who cover their people risks through SCR have complimentary access to Alert:24 and the range of services it offers.


Please contact Alan Coffey for further information.