Facultative reinsurance

Technical expertise

We provide our clients with technical expertise dedicated to designing and placing facultative reinsurance solutions. We are able to approach global markets and complete placements with a rapid, proactive and client-focused approach thanks to our unrivalled relationships. Our ability to deliver a tailor-made approach and obtain competitive terms and conditions is proven. The Facultative team has the unique capability of working together with our structured colleagues to offer bespoke solutions for our clients.

Areas in which we operate:

  • Property
  • Engineering
  • Upstream/downstream energy
  • Marine
  • Utilities

Our team provides bespoke solutions for the following coverages:

  • Deductible buy backs
  • Second and subsequent back-up covers
  • First loss, excess of loss and proportional
  • Carve outs of heavy cat exposed risks/portfolios
  • Stand alone terrorism
  • Top layer MFL/PML busts and capacity boosters

Our facultative work is carried out from our London, Singapore, Paris and Brussels offices.