Captives and non-traditional solutions

A proven track record in alternative risk

Increasingly complex risks and a desire for overall balance sheet protection have meant that traditional risk transfer solutions cannot always provide adequate cover. This has led to considerable growth in the use of structured risk and captive solutions.

Structured risk
We are able to design and place a wide range of tailor made solutions, including:

  • Multi-year aggregate stop loss
  • Contingent capital (single or double trigger basis)
  • Adverse development covers
  • Reinstatement premium protections
  • Loss portfolio transfers
  • Structured quota share

We work closely with our clients to help optimise return on capital, balance sheet protection and shareholder value through the use of sophisticated finite structured risk solutions.

We structure both conventional and non-conventional coverages and provide independent advice to assist you in choosing an appropriate captive location and/or captive manager.


We work with FTSE, Fortune and other large risk managed companies and captives that value our expertise and innovative approach to delivering exceptional risk transfer solutions. Our aim is to help them to optimise capital, balance sheet protection and shareholder value.