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Gordon Aitcheson - Primavera
Gordon Aitcheson - Primavera

Who will win 'best in show' at the 2012 Lloyd’s Art Group autumn exhibition?

Members of the Lloyd’s Art Group are steeling themselves for the highly anticipated autumn exhibition taking place from Monday 29 October to Friday 2 November in the Old Library at Lloyd’s. Each year one work of art is voted ‘best in show’ by a panel from Miller Insurance Services LLP and receives a prize of £150. Last year’s winner, Gordon Aitcheson, produced a series of beautiful sculptures but previous winners have included photographers and painters.

All the works of art on display at the autumn exhibition are for sale, with 15% of all sale proceeds going to the Coombe Trust. For many years the Lloyd’s Art Group has supported the registered charity, which provides support to disadvantaged and/or disabled children and their families in the South East of England.

Sponsored by Miller, The Lloyd's Art Group are a collective of artists including painters, printmakers, sculptors, photographic and mixed media artists who work in Lloyd’s of London or the London insurance market or have an immediate connection to it. In 2011 Miller became the group’s exclusive sponsor and is proud to support them once again in all their artistic activities.