Our values

Defining our culture and driving our business

  We do the right thing

Our people are trusted to do the right thing, whether that is acting with integrity, making principled decisions, or giving clients honest advice - especially when this is not the easiest option.

We are highly professional, treating clients, markets, suppliers and each other with courtesy and respect. We act in good faith and with honesty and fairness at all times. We take compliance seriously and are responsible and conscientious.

Our approach to relationships with clients and markets is thoughtful and considered and we take a mature, long-term view, providing continuity and stability. 
  We deliver on our promises

We have earned a reputation for keeping our promises to clients, markets and each other. When we say we will do something, our highly skilled and resourceful team does everything in its power to get the job done.

We take pride in our status as a specialist, operating exclusively in areas where we excel, based on our depth of knowledge and experience.

A focussed approach means we are clear and honest about what we can do, where our strengths lie and how we can add value to our clients, helping them to achieve their goals.

We work as one team

We are a partnership in terms of our structure, but also in how we behave. We work as one team for the benefit of our clients.

We have a positive, friendly atmosphere at Miller where our colleagues are accessible, helpful, and can be trusted and relied upon.

We operate as a single profit centre, rewarding both collaborative and individual success. This ensures that client needs remain our priority and colleagues across all our specialist areas and locations work together to deliver a professional, consistent and integrated service through a dedicated point of contact.